Clean sober dating

14-Dec-2017 23:23

"This is how it's going to be — sitting in church basements, listening to people talk about trying to stay sober." It all sounded too boring for Hamm.

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"If it was positioned as a dating app, I would be reluctant to use it." By default, Sober Grid sorts profiles by distance to the user, which is useful for finding people to hang out with in real life.

It's meant to be a place, Krasucki said, where "you can let your hair down and be yourself." Most of these apps have a fun, welcoming vibe — they are a place to meet people, not be lectured about the dangers of addiction.

It's something Jimmy Hamm wishes he had back in 1998, when he was trying to give up alcohol while living in New York City.

"If I see someone struggling, I like to reach out," Diurno said. It helps me think about somebody other than myself, plus I get to help another person.

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We both benefit." After a month, Sober Grid has around 30,000 downloads and users in 40 countries, with a strong presence in cities like Los Angeles, London and Boston.One of the biggest obstacles to getting sober, he said, is the idea that someone's social life will come to an end.