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01-Jul-2017 06:41

All of this meant quite a lot to me; my blogging was an extension of who I was in a very personal way during this time period.I can link four academic articles to my blogging, and three of those four relate to Sepia Mutiny.Finally, I should say that while the new social networking venues are helping to carry on the kinds of conversations that went on at Sepia Mutiny, they are a little lacking on some respects.For one thing, both Facebook and Twitter require super-compressed conversations.

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And while some of those comments were less than thrilling, we as bloggers could always count on interesting new voices to show up in between.

The first generation scorn for ABCDs speaking Hindi badly started to lose its edge, while the second-generation's dislike of the "awkward immigrant" stigma also evolved.

In short, I think we all grew up, and started to appreciate and understand one another better.

While it's true we may have been a bit too long-winded in some blog posts over the years, I think there really is value in spelling out an idea or a perspective at some length, and then giving readers as much space as they want or need to discuss it with you.

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I don't think I have ever changed my mind based on a discussion I had with someone on Twitter.On the one hand, the directive from Abhi and the other founders was quite clear: .