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25-Aug-2017 14:39

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Avoid the streotyrpal “dad” look with pleated, tacky pants and an unfitted button-down shirt.

Spend your hard-earned money and stylish, fitted clothing that accentuate your fit body. The goals here is to play up the established, successful gentleman who has a sense of style.

If you haven’t figured this out by 35 years of age, hire a fashion consultant to make up for lost time.

Older men have a fear of being labeled as “creepy” when approaching younger women.

Feminine women are attracted to the polarity of sexes.

Men display their masculine essence through leadership, strength and success.

Older Men Date focuses on users over 50 years of age, and does not allow members under the age of 30.Nothing revitalizes an older men than the feminine and youthful essence of a younger women.Studies have shown that older men in relationships with younger women live longer, have more energy and generally have more life satisfaction.These qualities can be expressed both verbally and through demonstration of strong body posture.

Always lead the interaction and set the tone that you are in control and she must follow.

Stand up to the feminist narrative in a responsible way and pursue women that you are attracted to.